Fivemoods API
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      "date": "26.09.",
      "weekday": "Monday",
      "germanweekday": "Montag",
      "weekdaynumber": 1,
      "category": "Daily's I",
      "title": "Kalbs-Geschnetzeltes",
      "description": "Pfeffer-Rahmsauce, Rösti und glasiertes Mischgemüse",
      "price": "18.50",
      "siemensprice": "13.90",
      "currency": "CHF",
      "origin": "Herkunft Fleisch: Kalb/ Schweiz",
      "vegetarian": false

key definition example
date Date of the Menu Item Format: e.g. 25.08.
weekday Day of the week (in English) Friday
germanweekday Day of the week (in German) Freitag
weekdaynumber Number of the weekday, starts at Monday. Thursday is 4
category Category of the Menu Item. Daily's I, Hot & Cold, Daily's II, Go 4 Pasta / Pizza, Chef Choice
title Name of the dish (in German) Schweins-Cordon Bleu
description Description of the Dish (in German) mit Braten-Sauce, Pommes Frites und Broccoli mit Mandeln
price Price of the dish 18.50
siemensprice Price of the dish for Siemens Employees (-25%) 13.90
currency Currency of the dish (normally CHF) CHF
origin Origin of the meat in the dish (if applicable, can be empty) Herkunft Fleisch: Schwein/ Schweiz
vegetarian Is the dish vegetarian? true or false